Organi-Giving: Giving Back in the Downtown Eastside

Organika Health Products

Organika volunteers donate time, food and clothing to those living on the streets of East Vancouver

We are extremely fortunate to have a place to call home. We have regular meals, clean clothing, and a shelter to protect us from the cold. But not everyone is so fortunate. There are over 1700 homeless people in Vancouver, with almost 500 of those people living on the streets, no matter how cold it gets outside1. They don’t always have regular meals, or clothing to keep them warm and dry. They don’t have a roof over their head, or a place to call home after a rough day. It’s often easy to take the everyday luxuries we have for granted, when in reality, we have so much to be grateful for. That’s why our generous team here at Organika® donated time, money and clothing to help provide for those living on the streets downtown East Vancouver. Organi-giving_Packed-Bags

Organi-Giving 2.0

For our second year in a row, we put together an event with our inspiring team of volunteers to help serve our community. In one Saturday morning, our Organika® volunteers were able to help serve 340 homeless people living on the streets of East Vancouver. We shared:
  • 122 sandwiches
  • 73 meal tokens
  • 65 pairs of socks
  • 60 snack bars
  • 15 t-shirts
  • 5 Tim Hortons gift cards
Our inspiring team walked away with full hearts having made such an incredible impact on someone else's day. Organi-giving_Group-Shot

From our Volunteers:

"Seeing how such a small thing, and a small group of people can make such a big impact in the community is so awe-inspiring. Yes, we did not change the world in one morning, but we did move the world forward." - Aaron Chin, National Sales Lead "A rewarding experience that makes you feel good to help out those in need" - Andrew Parent, Sales "It intrigued me to think about how life could be so different for these forgotten group of people in the society. I sincerely wish for them to happiness and joy in life, I was very touched when I hear the prayers for them. I want to believe in that with enough people pondering the same question, share the same beliefs, and tries to make a difference, the world would become a better place for these unfortunate souls" - Jason Chan, Accounting Organika® began over 25 years ago with the mission to serve, contribute and inspire, and we wholeheartedly still believe in that mission today.