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How Organika celebrates Earth Day!

Marilia Yamamoto

On April 22nd, people all around the world will get together to rally for the protection of the environment. That’s right, it’s Earth Day! Do you know what this date is all about and why it is so important?

The History

Earth Day has its roots in the 1970s environmental movement, building on the growing consciousness of our impact on the environment in the general population. Inspired by the student anti-war movement, millions of Americans took to the streets on April 22, 1970, to protest against the deterioration of the environment and demand change. As we face ongoing challenges with environmental issues, the movement is now stronger than ever. Events to promote environmental protection are now held in over 193 countries. Over 1 billion people have joined in recent years! Earth Day Organika
How is Organika making change?

Carbon footprint reduction

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the production and transportation of goods. This is highly influenced by the supply chain (the network between a company, its suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and the final consumer) and how efficient it is. By having our own manufacturing and distribution facilities, Organika is able to significantly cut down on the amount of travelling a product needs to go through before it reaches you. We are also constantly working to optimize our supply chain. Our Ontario warehouse facility opened in 2018 to bring products to our Eastern Canada customers with a lesser strain to the environment!

Cutting down our plastic waste

Plastic pollution is a growing issue that affects ecosystems all over the world. It is estimated that 1.1 to 8.8 million metric tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year. This is a staggering amount for a material that is extremely slow to degrade. Organika’s efforts to cut down on plastic waste include scaling down our packaging inventory by 50%, with a direct impact on our plastic waste output.

Sustainable sourcing

We source the raw material for our high quality, natural products from around the world. It is important to manage the repercussions that sourcing materials from certain regions can have on both the wildlife and humans living there. Companies need to look beyond economics and consider environmental, social, and ethical factors as well.   We work closely with vendors that align with our values. That way, we can ensure that sustainable practices are put into place to protect the local resources. We also make sure that facility audits and certifications are up to current standards. In times of growing awareness about the state of our planet, Earth Day is a great opportunity to reflect on how our habits and lifestyle make an impact on the environment. Our next challenge is switching towards environmentally friendly LED lighting. We made the switch in our head office and are now working on our production and warehouse facilities.

Making changes for our planet is an ongoing process, and every little step counts! How are you helping Earth today?