OrganiKares Summer Picnic 2017

Ellyl-Faith Llavore

Summertime gives us a reason to look back and celebrate the wins for the first half of the year. We celebrated our first recipient of the OrganiKares Scholarship Fund, our fast and furious winners of the Amazing Race, and raising $421.70 for OrganiKares. Staff_BBQ_2017_Prizes_Table Prize table for Raffle. Winners_of_OrganiKares_Scholarship_Funds_1 Mercy holds her niece's cheque. Monica Lukose, is one of our recipients of the OrganiKares Scholarship Funds available to all employees families pursuing education in health. Congrats Monika!   All in all, it was a great summer picnic to get to know one another, and raise money for a great cause. A special thank you to our HR team putting the event together!