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Reishi Mushrooms - "The King of Mushrooms"

Chelan Wilkins, RHN

Origins of the Reishi Mushroom
Reishi Mushrooms – “The mushroom of immortality” – Also known as “ Lingzhi” in Chinese.  A powerful superfood in the family of medicinal mushrooms, Reishi mushrooms are well known for their various health benefits and ancient history spanning back in history over 2000 years ago. Traditionally used in Chinese medicine for its potent healing properties, Reishi mushrooms are found in wooded areas in Asia, Japan, Korean and China.  There are various types of Reishi mushrooms ( most commonly noted by the colour ), and generally, the kind you find in supplementation form found in red, green and black. Reishi mushrooms are grown above ground, commonly found on trees, and it is in the connective strands “ mycelium” where the nutrients are.  
What does Reishi do?
For many years, Reishi mushrooms have been found in powder form, tinctures, extracts and even teas.  With a wide range of nutrient benefits, Reishi mushrooms have taken on the role of an immune-boosting powerhouse for various health concerns and proven to be beneficial to bringing our body back to homeostasis. With its fantastic detoxification features, Reishi not only provides a rich source of anti-oxidant properties, but it also helps restore our liver and help regenerate new cells.   It has been shown to also lower the effects of cortisol ( our stress hormone ) and its impact on our body with its adaptogenic properties.  Often when our body is under stress and even inflammation, we will notice a depletion of energy stores, hormonal imbalances and even inflammation.  Reishi is excellent for helping bring balance to those hormones, produce a calming and sedative state in our body, therefore aiding in sleep problems as well as lowering blood pressure and high cholesterol levels thus also making it nourishing support to our heart.
Benefits of the Reishi Mushroom
Reishi has many different health benefits. However, the main advantage is its powerful effect on our immune system.    It helps to modify and regulate our immune system by increasing our immunity as well as lowering it when needed.  Reishi helps improve the “ overall”  general health of our immune system due to the polysaccharides and triterpenes that are found in them.  These constituents contribute to our bodies ability to turn off the allergic response – think histamine is, therefore, providing allergy relief of various forms. Researchers have found that not only does Reishi mushrooms improve our immunity, detoxify our liver and provide adaptogenic effects in our body, they are also highly anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory. With these powerhouse nutritional benefits, it is no wonder that Reishi is nicknamed “ the king of mushrooms” as the benefits and traditional history speaks for itself. Organika's Red Reshi captures the Traditional Chinese methods with the innovative quality and extraction process, enhancing the medicinal benefits and enhancing your health. -Chelan Wilkins, RHN- Busy mother of two, and Organika’s National Education Trainer.