Spirulina Oats

Meg de Jong

Get a nutrition boost first thing in the morning with these amazing spirulina oats! Did you know spirulina is loaded with vitamins (especially the B’s), minerals, proteins, and essential fatty acids? It is particularly high in the Omega 3 fatty acids which everyone could use more of in their diet! They help reduce inflammation and improve cognitive function. Spirulina has also been found to increase energy levels, detoxify your body of toxins, and helps to fight off chronic illnesses.


½ cup whole rolled oats 1 cup water 1 tsp. Organika Spirulina powder ½ Tbsp. flax seeds 1 Tbsp. crushed walnuts ¼ tsp. cinnamon Sliced banana Optional: nut butter for drizzling

How to:

Place oats and water in a small pot on stove top with lid on. Cook on medium heat until boiling. Once boiling, remove lid and stir frequently until water and oats are well combined. Remove from heat and place in a serving bowl. Add Organika Spirulina Powder, mixing throughout oats. Add all other toppings and assemble to your liking.
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