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Give big: support small businesses!

The Organika Team

Out of the fire, there is always rain. That little reprieve, the light at the end of the tunnel. If this last week (which has actually felt like a full month), has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t need to wait until the end to see the light, because if you open your eyes wide enough, there are little glimmers all along. In this case? It’s how our communities have come together to support each other, and especially,  support small businesses.  At one point, we were a small business. We know the pains, the rocky roads, but we can’t imagine the hardships today’s small business owners are experiencing through COVID-19. That’s why we wanted to share some of our team’s go-to small businesses, to inspire you to check them out and support where you can (order take out, donate for online classes, order your skin-care products - anything counts!)


If you’re thinking of getting takeout one night, try to support your favourite local spot! We’ve got a few of ours here, along with places for grocery pickup/delivery:

  • Kokomo serves up plant-based bowls that you can order for delivery. We had a chance to chat with Katie Ruddell, founder of Kokomo in Vancouver, on the Enhanced Life a few months ago!
  • Tractor offers pickup or delivery service available in Vancouver & Toronto. Get your fix of healthy foods, including anything from customizable bowls, salads and sandwiches.
  • Greenhouse Juice is located in Toronto & Vancouver. We chatted with co-founder, Hanna James all about sustainability & their mission on The Enhanced Life.
  • Fresh Prep provides meal delivery service in Vancouver. 
  • CSA Boxes provide boxes of local, seasonal produce picked by your farmer and delivered to a drop off location on a weekly basis. 
  • Unboxed Market supplies zero-waste options in Toronto.
  • The Big Carrot is applying senior shopping hours for healthy, natural goods. 
  • Nada Grocery or Soap Dispensary provide no waste groceries and goods in Vancouver. 
  • delivers organic groceries in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto
  • TruLocal delivers free-range, organic and local meat delivery in B.C., Alberta and Ontario
  • Blush Lane is a prime option for organic groceries in Calgary


Keep your children (and even yourself) busy with free educational resources online. While many of these are not “small businesses” these services are provided free-of-charge to give you support at home. 

  • Great Schools has resources to keep your kids learning (and give you some extra alone-time). 
  • Audible is providing free online resources for stories and books for children while schools are closed. 
  • Vancouver Aquarium let’s explore underwater life with their Live Cams.
  • Coursera is providing free university-level courses; you can also receive a diploma or certificate, depending on the course!
  • Scholastic Books has created online learning for kids from kindergarten to grade 12.


The fitness community has really been showing up online. This is also the perfect time to explore some fitness routines and instructors you may have been eyeing. If you have the means, consider shooting your favourite studio a message to see if you can donate to an instructor or the studio:

  • Ride Cycle Club has created off-the bike training, and is renting out their bikes!
  • Lagree West is providing free IG live and IG TV workouts, for free or by-donation. 
  • Tight Club is providing free IG workouts.
  • Turf is doing virtual fitness classes 3 days per week. You can purchase the equipment in-studio. 
  • Yyoga is hosting a 30-day at-home yoga challenge, as well as a discounted 5-class pass with proceeds going to their team!
  • Spin Society/Hustle is hosting daily IG live workouts. You can also purchase gift cards with 100% of the proceeds going to instructors. 
  • Yoga Nova is a Calgary studio hosting online yoga classes daily. 
  • Solis Movement is a Toronto-based pilates and yoga studio offering classes through Instagram!
  • Pure Yoga in Ottawa is offering virtual classes for those wanting to keep up their practice.


  • Fig Face is delivering its high-quality, natural skincare right to your door!
  • Spirit distilleries (like Spirit of York) in Toronto is now producing hand sanitizer to support the increased demand.
  • North Medical in Toronto is offering delivery for all of your skincare needs.
  • Queen’s Books in Toronto provides books online!

Finally, thank you to everyone who has been practicing safe social distancing and self-isolation over the last few weeks, and to those who are unable to due to work or other circumstances - we see you too! When everyone does their part, we all thrive!