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Why Try Vegetarian Collagen?

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By this point, most of us have heard about the beneficial effects of collagen supplementation. Stronger hair, reduction in fine lines, joint support, to name a few. Luckily, with the addition of Vegetarian Collagen, more people are able to see the benefits of collagen supplementation!

What is Vegetarian Collagen?

Organika’s Vegetarian Collagen is made from Chicken eggshell membrane, which can also be referred to as Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM). Collagen is naturally found in the membranes of the egg, the two layers between the egg and the eggshell, as well as in the yolk.

What is Vegetarian Collagen?

How does Vegetarian Collagen work?

Our body makes its own collagen using vitamin C and a few key amino acids. However, after our mid-twenties, our body’s ability to produce its own collagen declines. This is why it’s so important to supplement with collagen in any form as we age.

In vegetarian collagen, the eggshell membrane provides a variety of types of collagen, including Type 1 and Type V. Type 1 collagen is the primary type found in Bovine and Marine collagens, and makes up most of the collagen found in the human body - skin, tendons, vascular and ligature organs, as well as the main component of bones. Type V collagen forms cell surfaces, hair and placenta.

In the egg, the membrane works to protect against the invasion of pathogens, keeping the egg healthy (and able for you to consume!). However, it’s also understood that NEM contains a variety of forms of collagen that support everything from our hair, skin and nails, as well as our joints.

Eggshell membrane contains naturally occurring glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and protein, which have all individually shown positive effects on cartilage and connective tissue.

Some studies have shown that supplementing with vegetarian collagen has had a significant reduction in perceived pain in adults with osteoarthritis, compared to a placebo group. The study even found that pain reduction was felt in as little as 7 days, with symptoms continuing to decrease after 90 days.

Other studies have also found that vegetarian collagen has a significant impact on our skin health. Over the 60-day study, oral administration of vegetarian collagen in the form of NEM provided significant improvement in the skin’s barrier function and increased skin’s elasticity.

Can’t I just get my collagen from eating eggs?

Unfortunately, cooking the egg denatures the membrane. This means we don’t get the same collagen-boosting effects as we would from supplementing with NEM.

For those who consume a meat-free diet, Vegetarian Collagen is the perfect addition to ensure you are consuming quality protein and supporting your body’s increasing collagen needs!

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