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Mylk Lattés

Convenient, Nutritious, and Vegan-friendly Lattés

Blue Mylk Latté

Feeling a little blue?

Take the time to relax and ease your mind with Organika’s Blue Mylk Latté. This delicious Blue Mylk Latté is caffeine-free and is made with coconut milk, Butterfly Pea Flower, Spirulina, and a delightful blend of Cardamom and Ashwagandha; perfect for those quiet moments of relaxation. Simply mix with hot water and relax!

Benefits of Blue Mylk Latté include:

  • Enhancing your memory
  • Reducing stress levels

Pink Mylk Latté

Dare to be pink!

Jive with the beet with Organika’s Pink Mylk Latté! Made with coconut milk, Beet Root and exotic Pink Pitaya, this plant-based blend is rich with antioxidants and a delightful blend of spices, including Ashwagandha and Cardamom. Mix it together with hot water and enjoy!

Benefits of Pink Mylk Latté include: 

  • Helping lower blood pressure
  • Supporting liver health

Turmeric Mylk Latté

Having a dull start to your day?

Brighten up and shine with Organika’s Turmeric Mylk Latté. Made with coconut milk, golden Turmeric, fragrant ginger powder, Cardamom and Ashwagandha, this caffeine-free Turmeric Mylk Latté will bring you warmth and nourishment in a cup. Simply add to hot water and stay gold!

Benefits of Turmeric Mylk Latté include:

  • Relieving inflammation
  • Improving brain function

Adaptogen Mylk Latté

Recharge your body and mind!

Recharge your body and mind with Adaptogen Mylk Latté! Featuring an adaptogen-rich blend of organic mushrooms and herbs traditionally used in Ayurveda to help increase energy and resistance to stress. 100% plant-based and caffeine-free, with prebiotic fibre in every serving, Adaptogen Mylk Latté is a delicious, convenient, and all-natural treat for when you want to get things done! Simply mix with hot or cold water and adapt.

Benefits of Adaptogen Mylk Latté include:

  • Caffeine-free energy boost
  • Supports stress response
  • Improves focus and memory

Mylk Latté Products

Blue Mylk Latté

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This delicious Blue Mylk Latté is caffeine free and combines Coconut Milk, Butterfly Pea Flower, nutritious Spirulina, Cardamom, Ashwagandha, and a delightful blend of spices.

Pink Mylk Latté

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Made with Coconut Milk, Beet Root and exotic Pink Pitaya, Pink Mylk Latté packs in a powerful dose of antioxidants with a delightful blend of spices, including Ashwagandha and Cardamom.

Turmeric Mylk Latté

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Organika’s Turmeric Mylk Latté combines golden Coconut Milk, Turmeric, fragrant ginger powder, Cardamom and Ashwagandha to bring you warmth and nourishment in a cup.


Convenient, Delicious, and Vegan-Friendly Lattés

Organika Mylk Lattés are caffeine-free, convenient and delicious plant-based lattés that everyone can enjoy.

They are packed with all-natural, premium ingredients to elevate your day – perfect for a moment of relaxation, or a busy, stressful day.

All mylk lattés contain coconut milk which is an excellent source of healthy MCTs for the body.

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Organika is dedicated to producing high-quality natural health solutions to serve, inspire and contribute to your good health.

At Organika, we believe good health begins with Transparency. We oversee every step of the process from where our products are grown, how we make them, and where we sell them. It’s your guarantee of quality.

Organika was founded in Canada in 1990, and remains a family company today. Our products are available in over 26 countries.

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