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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care as a New Mom

Rhiannon Lytle

Congratulations! You have a beautiful new baby in your life. They make you feel all gooey and warm when they're napping (which is pretty much always at this point), yawning, or cuddling into you. But with multiple wake up calls through the night, some uncomfortable or painful feeding times, and fluctuating hormones, you're probably not feeling like your best self. When you have a few easy ways to practice self-care as a new mom, you'll have tools to feel a little refreshed - even if you haven't slept in two days.
Try these 5 ways to practice self-care as a new mom:

1. Find a group.

Hanging out with your regular friends is great, but if they don't have their own kids, they may not understand the struggles that you are going through. Join a fitness class for new moms, reach out to someone you connected with at your prenatal classes, or join local new mom groups. Surrounding yourself with people who are in a similar life-phase can help you to talk through issues you may be dealing with. Mother's Day  

2. Let people help you. 

Whether that means leaving baby with your mom or sister for an hour one afternoon so you can go for a walk, or accepting food that people will bring you. It's okay to let people help you, and it's even better when you feel comfortable ASKING for the help. Traditional cultures know that it takes a village to raise a child, not just the two parents. Know who you can lean on, and ask for the help when you need.

3. Book a massage or hair appointment. 

Not in the first few weeks - we're more realistic than that. But once you have a (somewhat) regular feeding schedule, try to book an appointment with a massage therapist or hair dresser that is close to your home. Leave baby with your partner, family member, confidant, etc. Pamper yourself a little and feel fresh.

4. Get ready for the day. 

There will be days that you don't see another human, or anticipate seeing any that you know. If you've ever worked as a solo-preneur, you know that putting on makeup and looking good can make you more productive. The same can be said for when you're a new mom. You might not feel like you want to put on makeup or brush your hair, but just try it out! Grab whatever outfit you feel you look cute in and also can still fit into (because #postpartumbod is real!). You don't have to do this everyday if you feel too overwhelmed by it. Try one day per week to start, and if you love it, add on a few more days.

5. Treat yourself once a day or once each week 

The treat does not need to be big. Maybe it's walking to your local coffee shop and getting a special drink, or even making your own matcha latte at home, or taking time to make a nourishing and healthy green smoothie. By adding something special for you on a regular basis, you get back a little bit of "me time" each week.  

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