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Brain Health 101

Amy Wilson

How often do we think about the health of our brain? Do we have the potential to think more clearly and improve our memory? What can we do to help prevent age related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia? There is so much we can do to keep our brain healthy and being ‘mindful’ now will help us out in our later stages of life. There are many avenues in which you can help support your overall cognition:

Exercise your brain  

Yes, you can exercise your brain! When you do this, you challenge it to make new connections and strengthen old connections. There are some simple activities you can do to exercise your brain and keep it sharp and healthy. Reading, doing word puzzles and crosswords are great exercises for your brain. You can also try using your non dominant hand to write with or perform everyday tasks, such as moving your mouse on your computer. These are simple yet effective exercises for your thinker! If exercised consistently, it can have a profound effect on the health of your brain.


When it comes to the health of our brain, Lion's mane is great for cognitive support. Lion's mane is known is a nootropic, which is a substance that may help improve memory, enhance creativity and basically support overall brain functioning. Mushrooms, especially Lion's Mane, are great for whole body support, but when it comes to supporting your brain, this mushroom is the king of cognition!

Eating right, exercising and getting good quality sleep are some of the most important things you can do for your brain health.

Eating right

Too much sugar in the diet can have harmful and lasting effects on the brain over time. We are now seeing a rise in what experts call type 3 diabetes. This is a condition like type 2 diabetes, but the brain is the organ that is resistant to insulin. Having type 3 diabetes is thought to lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Long story short, too much sugar can cause a lack of clarity, fatigue and early progression of age-related brain disease.

Complement a healthy diet with exercise

Exercise brings fresh blood flow to the brain and with that, vitamins and minerals. Exercise also helps control blood pressure which is key in preventing stroke.


Good sleep quality is possibly the MOST important avenue to help protect your brain and keep it healthy. Your body repairs during sleep, especially your brain! There is so much evidence emerging on the importance of a good night sleep and the effects it has on the brain. Extra late nights may be worth ‘rethinking’ and enhancing the quality of your sleep should be priority. When thinking of your overall health goals, don’t forget to include your brain in your health regime.

Always talk to your Naturopathic Doctor or healthcare provider before making any major changes in your daily regime, such as strenuous exercise or supplementation.