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How to Choose a Plant Based Protein Powder

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Plant based protein is the perfect way to help you meet your protein needs

If you’ve stood in front of the plant based protein powders in your local health food store feeling totally frazzled, we get it. There are a lot of options. So let us demystify the process and help you choose the perfect plant based protein powder for your needs. Protein is an essential nutrient for every cell in our bodies. We need it to make enzymes and hormones, and build and repair muscle, cartilage and skin. Ensuring you get enough protein in your diet is important. For the average person, aiming for approximately 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight is ideal. Protein powder can help you reach that goal, and give a little extra help in the recovery department if you’re more athletic.   how_to_choose_a_protein_powder_hiking

Picking your plant based protein source

There are many different sources of plant based proteins, including single source plant proteins and combination proteins. Single source plant based proteins include options like hemp protein, brown rice protein, or pumpkin seed protein where the protein servings come from only that one source. Generally speaking, single source proteins can sometimes be lower in certain amino acids than a comparative animal sourced protein powder would be. That’s where plant based protein combinations differ. Plant based proteins that come from a combination of sources use a blend of complimentary proteins to create a complete protein and full amino acid profile. Single source proteins, depending on their source, can have a strong flavour and gritty texture, whereas combination plant proteins, use a blend of different ingredients which helps to mellow out any singular overpowering flavours.  

Is it high quality?

When you’re adding more protein to your diet, you want to make sure it’s clean protein. That means sifting through your options to find the best quality possible. Always make sure you’re reading the ingredient panel of a product before purchasing to make sure it’s free from unnecessary additives like artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours. Look for non-GMO ingredients, and opt for organic when possible. how_to_choose_a_plant_based_protein_smoothie

Is it digestible?

High amounts of protein can be hard to digest for some of us. That makes choosing the right protein powder even more important. After all, if you’re going to toss an extra 21 grams of protein into your smoothie, you definitely want to be getting the most out of it. Plant-based proteins are more bioavailable when they contain sprouted plant based protein. Sprouting helps to pre-digest the grains making the nutrients more readily available. Added benefits like digestive enzymes in a product can also help with the breakdown of the protein for optimal digestion.

Does it taste great?

Obviously you want a protein powder that tastes great. Think about how you want to use your protein powder, and how often you’ll likely use it. If you want it just for smoothies, where you’re mixing in bananas and milks, the creaminess will lend to concealing some of the texture. If you’re drinking it just with water in a shaker cup, then you want to make sure you’re choosing a product that blends smoothly. Plant-based combinations are typically better than singular sources like hemp alone when it comes to texture. Combinations also work in ratios that mellow out the flavour of each source as well.   how_to_choose_a_protein_powder_vegepro

Our top pick

So if you’re still feeling confused about what to choose, we have a solution for you. Organika® Vege-Pro plant based protein ranks highly in all the categories.
  • It high in protein providing 21g of protein per serving
  • It’s a complete protein because it uses a blend of different plant-based protein sources including organic Canadian hemp, sprouted brown rice protein and 8 medicinal mushrooms
  • It’s digestible thanks to the sprouted brown rice protein and the added enzymes and probiotics
  • It’s high quality, using organic ingredients and natural flavours
  • It’s sugar free, mildly sweetened with natural stevia
  • It blends well without a gritty texture
  • It tastes great!
Try using Vege-Pro plant-based protein in smoothies, cookies, pancakes, snacks and more!

How do you like to use protein powder?