Your Collagen, Your Way.

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Your body starts with collagen, needs collagen... and natural production declines as you age. It’s time to give your body what it’s missing and experience the amazing benefits of collagen. ​

Collagen supplementation improves hair, skin and nail health. Collagen also supports healthy bones and joints as well as lean muscle, and even works to improve your gut health.

As we age the collagen we produce (and have) decreases. This starts at age 25. What does that mean for you? Sagging skin, weaker hair and nails, joint pain and more. Luckily, collagen supplements help to replenish and restore the health of your skin and more.

At Organika, we've taken our award-winning, best-selling
Enhanced Collagen Original and given you options.

Our collagen is available in an assortment of options with additional benefits to meet ALL of your individual needs and health goals, easily fitting into your lifestyle and your routine.

• Want to achieve more health goals? Try our multi-benefit blends of Enhanced Collagen Original + other supplements.

• Pescatarian? Try our marine collagen options​.

• Vegetarian or vegan? We have Vegetarian Collagen and a Plant-Based Collagen Booster.

• Want to make collagen fun? Try our delicious flavour options like chocolate or lemon.

• Choose between powder, liquid or capsules based on your lifestyle.

It's your collagen, take it YOUR way.​

Save 25% on Collagen with code YOURCOLLAGEN25


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Save 25% on Collagen with code YOURCOLLAGEN25