Organika News

Celebrating Innovation!

Marilia Yamamoto

When tradition and innovation come together, they can achieve great things! Since taking the reins of the family business, President and CEO duo Jordan and Aaron Chin have been building on the Organika legacy to bring about innovation and change. We now have the honour to share that Organika is a finalist for the BC Food and Beverage Association's 2019 Innovation Award!

How are we driving change in the industry?

In the last few years, Organika's been through quite a shift. We moved away from the traditional pills and capsules that had been our bread and butter. We became frontrunners in the industry, launching functional powders like our Enhanced Collagen and Bone Broth (the first bone broth powder in the Canadian market!). Being bold paid off: within two years, Enhanced Collagen became the #1 collagen powder brand in Canada. Bone Broth followed suit and now also reached the top spot in its category! Building on the momentum, Organika is investing more than ever on innovation. Our goal is to continue on our quest to be pioneers and trendsetters! Our recently launched Plant-based Collagen Booster (the first of its kind in Canada), Mylk Lattes, and Adaptogen line are living proof. With many more new exciting products lined up for 2019 and beyond, Organika shows no sign of stopping. Here's to even more fantastic innovation ahead!