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Summertime Balance

Amy Wilson

Long weekends, camping, BBQs, hikes, beaches and so much more! Canadian summers are loaded with adventure, good company and lots of laughs. Great times are often accompanied with rich foods, sometimes drinks and often late nights - it can be hard to find some balance! By the time September comes around many of us are ready for a return to routine when it comes to our sleeping and eating habits, as well as our busy social lives! Creating more balance during the summer months may help take the edge off when it comes to bouncing back in September. There are a number of ways to help you ease back into your routine come September!


It is easy to become dehydrated in the summer months. Outdoor activities, hot temperatures, alcoholic beverages, and salty snacking can all lead to dehydration. Dehydration results in symptoms such as fatigue, muscle cramps, dry skin, hunger and more. Being mindful of how easy it is to become dehydrated and counteracting it will help with overall energy and health when it comes to tackling September!
  • Snack on cut-up veggies such as cucumbers and carrots. Chopped up veggies are great to have stored in the fridge with a dip for easy snacking. Consuming vegetables and fruits is a great way to stay hydrated, as well as keep a balanced diet.
  • Smoothies are a fantastic meal in the summer. Try adding fresh seasonal fruit with ice, water, avocado and some collagen powder in a blender. This is a great meal on a hot day that gives you a healthy balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein.
  • When drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, be mindful of your water consumption! Try to add extra water between drinks and it will go a long way in improving how you feel afterwards!

Immune support

Late nights, hectic schedules, sugary drinks and rich foods will cause our bodies to experience stress. Stress in the body reduces our immune system’s ability to function well and can lead us to fatigue quickly and to get sick more easily. It is understandable that life happens during the summer months, however, it is important that we do what we can to avoid putting too much stress on our immune system. Below are great ways to help support your immune system.
  • Adaptogens are botanicals that help your body cope with stress and change. Some great adaptogens are therapeutic mushrooms such as Reishi and Chaga, as well as herbs such as Schisandra Berry.
  • Taking time to meditate daily and being mindful for even as little as 10 minutes at a time, will help lower stress hormones and aid in immune support.
  • Stay consistent with your workout schedule. It is easy to get off track with your exercise regime with a hectic schedule. Being mindful of this and sticking with it will help you avoid starting over again come September.
summertime balance

Nature and Socializing

Summer is a great time for get-togethers such as family reunions, camping trips, BBQs, festivals and more. Getting outdoors and visiting with loved ones, is one of the best things you can do for your overall health!
  • Schedule meet-ups and hangouts to take place outdoors. Chat with friends/family while going for a walk or hit the beach for a visit in the sunshine.
  • Join an exercise boot camp outside. This will introduce you to new people as well as keep your activity level high and your endurance challenged.
  • Try taking transit or cycling to work. This will involve more activity and will have you spending more time outdoors.
  Summer is a great time of year for many Canadians. It sometimes seems to go by too quickly and before you know it September is here! We tend to lose some healthy habits over the summer and struggle harder than we should to gain them back once fall rolls around. Being mindful of this and maintaining some structure in your schedule, like making sure to wake up the same time every day, will make the transition into fall much smoother. However, it is still important to take advantage of the beautiful weather and get outside, soak up that sunshine and catch up with family and loved ones. Appreciate this beautiful country we call home and enjoy the fantastic backyard us Canadians are fortunate enough to have to explore!   Stay Happy, Stay Healthy! XO Amy Wilson