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Home Products Organic Schisandra & Hibiscus Powder – GLOW

Organic Schisandra & Hibiscus Powder – GLOW

Adaptogen powder for beauty and vitality.
Schisandra berry and hibiscus have been long known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a beauty tonic and to maintain vitality.

Enhance Your Routine

  • 100% organic schisandra and hibiscus powder
  • Water-extracted schisandra
  • Steam-treated hibiscus
  • Helps the body adapt to stress
  • Improves skin hydration and protection
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Upregulates liver detoxification functions



  • Goes great with water and herbal teas!!
  • Can be easily used in smoothies, baking, and sweet drinks drinks
  • Flavour profile: Tart with hints of sweet and bitter


Learn more about schisandra’s beneficial effects in “The Science” below!


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Bring on the Shine!

Schisandra berry and hibiscus have been long known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a beauty tonic and to maintain vitality. Soak in the goodness of the beauty berry – simply drink up and beam on!

Schisandra is the berry of the Chinese magnolia vine, or Schisandra chinensis, used in Russian and Chinese traditional medicines, and known to contain five distinct flavours – bitter, sweet, sour, salty and hot. Schisandra has the ability to:

  • Positively benefit skin and hair: Its phytochemicals help with skin toning, moisturizing and wound healing, and to narrow dilated blood vessels.
  • Protect against free radical damage that contributes to the signs of aging. Its antioxidants help to delay the aging process and increase vitality, and increase the body’s own production of antioxidants.
  • Aid in liver detoxification and to protect the liver from damage.
  • Increase mental clarity, alertness, concentration, and mental performance, and a sense of calm and well-being.


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Schisandra berry extract, hibiscus flowers powder.

Schisandra: 100% Organic. Grown in China.

Hibiscus: 100% Organic. Grown in Egypt.


Add 1 levelled teaspoon (~1.7 g) to water or herbal teas. Can also be easily incorporated into sweet recipes and drinks!


Do not use if you are pregnant.

Q: What are adaptogens?

      • A: Adaptogens are plants, herbs, and mushrooms that help us adapt to or recover from the damaging effects of environmental or lifestyle stresses. They have been used for thousands of years in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine practices, and are revered for their ability to bring the body back into homeostasis — the body’s natural place of balance.


Q: Who needs adaptogens?

      • A: When stress constantly piles high, our body’s response can be negatively affected, increasing the risk of disease. Some daily life factors that may cause stress include:

        • Poor eating and sleep habits
        • Stored mental and emotional tension
        • Unaddressed physical symptoms and diseases
        • Financial, family, work, and social obligations

Organika’s line of adaptogenic powders can help provide the support you need to thrive in modern conditions.


Q: Can I take too much of these products?

      • A: All these products are natural foods and are non-toxic at normal doses. If you experience any negative side effects, stop taking them immediately and consult your health care practitioner.


Q: Can I cook with these or add them to hot water? Will I damage their benefits?

    • A: Yes, you can cook with them, an easy and delicious way to incorporate them into your life. Heat does not damage their benefits.