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Coconut Palm Sugar, Organic

Sustainable, natural Sweetener.


  • Great replacement for refined sugars in recipes that normally spike insulin levels, affecting blood sugar levels.
  • Sweet notes of butterscotch and caramel – none of the metallic, processed tastes of normal sugars.
  • Harvesting of coconut sap is sustainable, and better for your overall health!

225g, 500g

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Speaking of that morning coffee you probably should have had, imagine if it had a slight hint of coconut? Coconut Sugar has less of an insulin response than table sugar, and acts as a great substitute in a gluten-free diet to stabilize blood sugar levels! As a healthy alternative to table sugar, Coconut Sugar retains iron, zinc, polyphenols and antioxidants that are normally lost in other sweeteners and sugar types. In addition, it also acts as a source of inulin to slow glucose absorption and further support balanced blood sugar levels!



Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Use as table sugar. Can be added to beverages, desserts and in cooking recipes as a sweetener.


Organika’s coconut sugar is better for insulin and blood sugar levels